Below are some helpful contacts to help you meet all your dogs needs!

Veterinary Services

New Vision Veterinary Hospital, Kimihurura, Kigali
Reception: +250 780 836 952 

New Vision have a clinic in Kigali which is well equipped with lab equipment and an x-ray machine. They are able to deal with a variety of issues and the lead vet, Dr. Jean Bosco, specialises in orthopaedics. The clinic sees animals on an appointment only basis and they do house calls as well if necessary. 

Vets + Veterinary Clinic, KK 338 street, Niboye, Kicukiru, Kigali
Reception: +250 782 824 489

Vets + Clinic offers veterinary services in addition to grooming, dental cleaning and boarding. The clinic is well equipped and they can deal with a variety of problems in dogs and cats. There is also a shop at the clinic stocking dog supplies such as leashes, shampoo and parasite treatments as well as Royal Canin food for dogs and cats. Animals can be seen by appointment only and house calls can also be made.

New Vision Veterinary Hospital, Musanze
Reception: +250 781 204 364

This is New Vision’s main hospital and it is a good option if you live in the north of Rwanda or need more major procedures for your pet. They have excellent facilities including x-ray machines, ultrasounds and a well-equipped lab and pharmacy. 

For minor issues and vaccinations

Justin with Canivet, Kigali (only)
Mobile: +250 788 843 318

Each sector in Rwanda has a government vet. They can issue rabies vaccinations. If you would like the contact of the vet in your sector, contact your sector or district leadership. 

Training and Walking Services

PETS+ LTD – Follow & Lead
+250 782 821 262 |

Follow & Lead provides dog training and dog walking and is run by a certified dog trainer. They can advise and train on specific problems, or just come and walk your dog during the day. There are different packages that you can discuss with the team to suit your needs.

Boarding Services

+250 782 821 262 |

Going on holiday? PETS+ offer boarding services at an affordable rate. Contact them well in advance of your trip!

Shops and Pet Supplies

  • Giporoso, RN15, on the opposite side of the road to Grand Legacy Hotel
  • Agrotech is the main supplier of Royal Canin food and other brands, and also have shampoo, deworming medicine, dog collars, leashes and brushes, chew toys, treats and treatments such as flea and tick medicine.
  • KG 586 street, Kacyiru
  • Canivet has a well stocked stop, and you can find all the usual supplies as well as toys, harnesses and leashes, crates and beds.
Vets + Veterinary Clinic
  • #7, KK 338 street, Niboye, Kicukiro
  • There is a shop at the Vets+ clinic which usually has a good stock of Royal Canin food for both dogs and cats, as well as collars, leashes, shampoos and parasite treatments.

WAG also sells some items on occasion, and the proceeds go towards the dogs in our care. If you’d like to see what we have in stock, please send us an email inquiry at