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WAG is 100% a Donation and Grant funded non-profit NGO.


We are always looking for volunteers and helping hands. Read more about how to become an official WAG volunteer by visiting our Volunteer page.


Donations are a great way to show support without the time commitment. Ways to donate include supplies, and financial support! Learn more by visiting our Donations page.


Fostering is a great way to commit to helping a dog on a temporary basis while we look for a forever home. Learn more by visiting the Fostering at WAG page. 

Partnerships & Collaborations

Animal-Kind International

Animal Kind International is a US-based volunteer run organisation who partner with animal rescue and welfare organisations all over the world to provide much-needed funds and support.

WAG is a recipient of AKI’s 2021 Africa-Based Animal Welfare Organisation Grant Programme. WAG received a generous grant from AKI to expand our work in the community, enabling the purchase of much needed supplies like a bicycle, laptop and mobile phone to facilitate the development of a network of dog owners in Kigali. This network is to allow dog owners to connect with each other, share resources and tips, and to encourage advocacy for dogs in the communities they live in. WAG will facilitate this network, providing much-needed advice and support to encourage dog owners to be responsible advocates for dog welfare! 

Rwanda Biomedical Centre

Rwanda Biomedical Centre is Rwanda’s national health implementation agency.

WAG works with RBC specifically on the national strategy to eliminate rabies. WAG is represented on the national multisectoral Neglected Tropical Disease working group. WAG provides strategic guidance into humane and sustainable dog population management strategies as a tool to eliminate rabies, and is the only stakeholder in the working group exclusively working to improve welfare for dogs. Through this partnership, WAG has successfully brought the topic of dog welfare into the national conversation on rabies management and other public health issues. 

Rwanda Agricultural and Animal Resources Development Board

Rwanda Agricultural and Animal Resources Development Board is a board of the MInistry of Agriculture specifically focused on the research and development of agriculture and animal resources practices.

Like RBC, RAB is another stakeholder in the strategies on rabies elimination and street dog population reduction. WAG acts as an advisor in these areas to RAB, and is currently working on several key pieces of policy with RAB, including dog registration, breeding and trading of dogs, and humane population management. 

Rwanda Council of Veterinary Doctors

Rwanda Council of Veterinary Doctors’ mission is to ensure quality and reliable veterinary services across Rwanda. 

The Rwanda Council of Veterinary Doctors has been a long-time supporter and advisor for WAG. In the future, WAG plans to collaborate with RCVD in introducing welfare education into schools and the national veterinary school curriculum. This is with the aim of training veterinarians in Rwanda who are sensitive to core animal welfare issues and skilled in providing improved care to dogs.