WAG is a non-profit, volunteer run initiative dedicated to improving the lives of dogs in Rwanda

We do this primarily through the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abandoned dogs. WAG promotes animal welfare and also serves as an important resource for pet owners, humane dog population management and responsible pet ownership.

Please note that we are a rescue organisation, we do not breed dogs nor support the breeding of dogs. We rescue stray dogs and puppies from the street.

This site is under construction! Stay tuned for a new site! For any questions please email info@wagrwanda.org or follow us!


WAG-Rwanda’s mission is to improve the health and welfare of domestic animals, specifically dogs, in Rwanda.

To achieve this mission, WAG:

  • Promotes animal welfare and health by rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming stray and unwanted dogs in Rwanda. 
    • This includes capturing, sheltering, feeding, socialising, vaccinating, sterilising, deworming, and responding to emergencies
  • Carries out community education on animal welfare and dog care
  • Supports dog owners in Kigali through providing advice and facilitating vaccinations and sterilisations
  • Conducts research and advises on animal health and welfare policy in Rwanda 

We are dedicated to providing a humane and sustainable solution to the street dogs of Kigali and across Rwanda. Our future plans include: 

  • Expanding our work so we are able to help even more dogs
  • Expanding our community outreach to include mass sterilisations and vaccinations 
  • Increase participation in national strategies to improve the health and welfare of dogs in Rwanda

We believe dogs are intelligent, sentient beings that deserve respect, compassion and care.
We do not support breeding or any form of profit making from the sale of dogs. We believe all dogs, regardless of breed, have equal value.
We do not believe dogs should be trained to be aggressive under any circumstances. 
We believe sterilisation (spaying and neutering) is an essential practice as part of responsible pet ownership and controlling the population of stray dogs.